Carrol Quigley

Carrol Quigley (1910-1977) was one of the most prominent historians of his times. In this giant of a book that most might call 'dull' for the huge amount of details and facts it contais, Quigley shares invaluable insight into the workings of nations and powers behind them. The book deals mainly with the first half of 20th century, but it's contents are as contemporary as ever, and still mostly neclected by academic circles.

Tragedy and Hope

I'v been looking for this book for a while, but without luck (it's not exactly a book you find from your local library). But then i ended up running to a pdf copy of the book, albeit a bad one. In fact the formatting was so bad i thought why not use some regular expression magic and make something more out of it, and this is the end result. Which brings us to the question of the legality of putting someone elses books in the internet. I'd guess it isn't, but i truly don't know. The book is over 40 years old and the author has died over 30 years ago, so based on any common sense this book should be public domain, though i'm very aware how little common sense has to do with current copyright laws. Furthermore, as far as i know the book has been out of print for a long time, so if the motivation of the publisher is to sell as many copys of the book as possible, as it should be, this will most likely only boost those sells. In other words: if you like the book, buy the book!

In case google disagrees with my assessment, you can also download the pages.

Notice: as said, the book is transformed automatilly, and there will be errors in the process. So if you notice any big mistakes (and especially if you want to provide me with correct html to those nasty messed up tables) just drop me a line:

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